Company History
Bloomsaver Ltd. began in the flower garden in
1987 with an idea for a tool to facilitate the cutting, collecting and conditioning of cut flowers. Stemming from a mutual love of flower gardening, two women designed the Bloomsaver caddy, a sturdy, easily portable three section container with a detachable handle. The Bloomsaver allows immediate immersion of cut flowers in water, keeps them upright, and enables the gardener to condition flowers while collecting them in a container that prevents delicate blooms from crushing and bruising.

A company was formed by the two designers to produce the Bloomsaver, and the product was introduced

in the horticultural and gift industry in 1988. That same year, the holster was designed to clip onto the side of the caddy to hold shears, which are commonly misplaced in the garden while the gardener is absorbed doing multiple garden tasks.
With a keen interest in gardening always the driving force, Bloomsaver Ltd. has developed and introduced into the marketplace numerous other garden related items, but the Bloomsaver remains its most outstanding contribution to those devoted to flower gardening as it facilitates the much loved and often repeated gardening task of harvesting flowers from the garden. The importance of the Bloomsaver as an indispensable tool was underlined when the American Rose Society selected the Bloomsaver to present to all registrants attending the 1999 American Rose Society National Convention held in Nashville, Tennessee. Bloomsaver had arrived!
Through the medium of the internet, it is hoped that Bloomsaver's founder, Jolene Telles, can promote a continuing dialogue with the customers that have been key to getting the word out about the merits of the Bloomsaver when cut flower gardening. By way of the "Back Fence Chats" a fertile exchange of ideas is sought, allowing gardeners to come together to share ideas gleaned after an arduous and satisfying day in the garden. Through the medium of "A few of my Favorite Things", Bloomsaver's founder plans to share on a continuously rotating basis some of the products that Bloomsaver pioneered over the last decade.

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