The Bloomsaver Cut Flower Caddy: $39.95*,**
  • The Handle is easily attachable to the base by threading (screwing) it into the brass insert that is sonically welded into the base. The handle is easily detached for storage
  • The assembled Bloomsaver stands at 22.5 inches in height. The Bloomsaver is designed to carry 3-4 dozen cuttings immersed in water, depending on the diameter
  • The base is injected molded high impact polystyrene. Each of its three "basins" is 7" deep and 4.5" in diameter, with a 1.5 quart holding capacity per basin. The base unit can be ordered in either "leaf green" or white.
  • The 15.5" tall handle is made of shatter-proof lexan, a high quality injection molded polycarbonate with superb strength and durability.
The Bloomsaver Shears Holster: $9.95*
  • The shears holster is fibermolded from clear acrylic polycarbonate.
  • It is 6.75" in length, 5" in width, and clips easily onto the side of the Bloomsaver Base.
  • It is designed to accommodate the common spring action pruning shears as well as the Koryu shears popular among Ikebana flower arrangers.
The Koryu Shears: $39.95*
  • Koryu Shears are made of high carbon steel, both handsome in design and uniquely suited for cutting both delicate stems as well as the toughest rose canes.
  • The unique "butterfly" design of the Koryu shears with its thick and sturdy blades gives the gardener maximum leverage and comfort while harvesting flowers, and its finely sharpened blade allows precision angled cuts of flower stems for arranging, so important to achieving long lasting flower arrangements.

* A Sales Tax of 8.975% is applicable to all purchases by California Residents. There is no sales tax applicable to orders from outside CA to be shipped to outside CA. Shipping and Handling is $13.50 per unit ordered.

** Handpainted cut flower caddy sells for $44.95 plus $13.50 shipping and handling per unit ordered.

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